Residential Tiling

Tegula is also active in the residential market, creating floor and kitchen tiles, garden stepping stones, and chimney lining bricks.

We can fabricate any design whether its off-the-shelf ready-made designs, or one you found in a friend’s kitchen! Tegula Tile has created a significant inventory of customer-inspired and desired tile designs for an array of home uses.

  • Flooring
  • Garden
  • Chimney facing
  • Kitchen backsplash

Our products offer long-lasting durability. Tegula tiles excel in high traffic areas and resist environmental degradation and damage from temperature extremes, precipitation, sun exposure, etc.

  • Shape: square, rectangle, circle, hexagon
  • Size: from 1”x3” rectangles to 7”x7” squares to 15” diameter round plates

Color and surface finish: Tegula has several standard color choices, such as white, blue, gray, yellow, and red, while also offering custom color options that involve an iterative selection process with our customers. The tile surfaces can be produced with as-cast, gloss , or matte finishes.

Installation: Commercial mortars and adhesives (that do not require to be special ordered) are available at hardware and do-it-yourself home supply stores, can successfully be used to install Tegula tiles.